We need new pants after the live-action Callisto Protocol trailer is released.

The Callisto Protocol, which pits a human against infected demons made super-fast, super-strong, and super-gross by an alien virus, maybe the most brutal game of the year. The game has received a live-action trailer ahead of its release, and it’s clear that the game’s degree of gore won’t spare any sensibilities.

Striking Distance Studios has gone above and beyond in its devotion to Hatred by studying real cases of Hatred’s physical damage, which has really had a negative impact on other teams. Additionally, films like The Thing and Event Horizon were essential to creating this tense atmosphere, as were Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Here’s our survival guide for The Callisto Protocol, which we were lucky enough to play in person in October:

The plot centers on Jacob, a prisoner in Black Iron who is freed when the prison is overrun by an extraterrestrial virus that corrupts the flesh of both the prisoners and the wardens. When I first played The Callisto Protocol earlier this year, I noticed that one of the enemies had shot his skull. As I got closer, I noticed that where the top of the spinal column should have been exposed teeth erupting. It’s clear that this will be a show in many ways, and the trailer makes it hard to tell the difference between the hyper-realistic images and the real thing. Take a look at this:

Quirky Karen Fukuhara and Sam Vittore, who play the leader of a rebel group and the captain of the prison guard, respectively, join Duhamel in the game’s cast. For December 2nd, Callisto Protocol will be available on PC via Steam and Epic and on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Before Christmas, are you interested in the Callisto Protocol? The information you need to survive in Black Iron Colony is provided in the following procedure.

Due to the intensity of the gore, the sport was outlawed in Japan. It also appears that the developer isn’t content with just showing a few different ways that Jacob’s interior can transform into his exterior. The Deluxe Edition of the game includes a season pass that provides access to two new game modes, Contagion and Riot, as well as more plot information and hero skins.

Contagious death, reduced ammo and health, and customizable difficulty will test even the most fearless survivor. Conversely, in the newly opened area of the prison, Jacob must fight off an onslaught of enemies as long as he can in a wave mode known as Wright. The mods also include 25 new death animations, including 13 in Contagion and 12 in Riot. How great. On December 2nd, Callisto Protocol will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.

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