The Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator is being teased by Simulator 24 Hours of Tulsa.

The much-awaited Texas DLC and latest v1.46 update for American Truck Simulator has been well received. However, SCS Software, the creator of the popular trucking sim, has revealed another DLC map pack featuring Oklahoma, another US state.

Oklahoma is known as the “Sooner State” due to its early settlement in the late 19th century, earning it the moniker. Today, Oklahoma is known for producing oil and gas, with an emphasis on agriculture in the prairie plains to the north.

The Red River Valley, which borders Texas, the flat Red Beds plains in the center of the state, and the High Plains grasslands—located at the highest point in the state—all contribute to Oklahoma’s diverse topography.

Not much information has been released about what we can expect from the American Truck Simulator (ATS) Oklahoma DLC, but we can assume the state’s capital, Oklahoma City, and its second-largest city. , Tulsa, will have an industrial focus.

SCS Software has launched a new DLC package, discounting several pieces of content, following the release of ATS’s Texas DLC. The original game (if you don’t already own it), the Wheel Tuning Pack, and the Heavy Cargo/Special Cargo Pack are all included in the “Texas-Sized Bundle”.

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