The best board game deals for Thanksgiving include Wilnos, Caton, Wingspan, and more.

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There are more than just great video game discounts available on Black Friday, as some top-of-the-line games are also available at incredibly low prices. A variety of board games are included in the savings, whether you’re looking for a fun party game, a family-friendly adventure, or a more complex strategy game.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start playing the extremely popular game, Keaton. You can pick up the exciting Traders & Barbarians expansion for $42, up from $60, plus the base game for just $30, which is now usually on sale for $49. The goal of the game is to grow your settlement by collecting and trading resources, and while the basics are very easy to understand, they will take time to master.

For Black Friday, there are a ton of other complicated board games on sale, including Mysterium for $25, Pandemic for $12, and Avalon Hill Diplomacy for $19. While Arkham Horror may take some time to finish, the cooperative adventure is a great way to spend an evening playing video games. Runtimes for a single session often reach four hours.

Also worth mentioning are the Wingspan ($47), Jaipur ($18), and Herd Mentality ($15). If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, check out the generous discounts on Marvel Dice Throne and Splendor.

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