The BBC’s latest Splinter Cell radio drama features a soap opera star and “lots of comedy”.

BBC Radio 4, which UK readers may remember from childhood road trips and which American readers may see as a beautiful and exotic mystery, is getting into the videogame adaptation. More specifically, a Splinter Cell drama (opens in new tab):

So far only Sam and his daughter Sarah, “who teams up with her father on his latest undercover operations,” have been given official names so far. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the more notable characters from Splinter Cell made an appearance, especially Lambert, the man who screamed.

It’s funny that Fisher is being played by Antonis Anthony himself, as well as the fact that the show will be broadcast on a radio station that I often associate with serious academic discussions (opens in new tab). And a million-panel shows all-star in some way. David Mitchell. Anthony is best known for his role in the BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers in 1951, the whole tone of which can be gauged from its cheerful, vintage theme song.

To be fair, The Archers has been known to deal with some serious issues, but I still hope Anthony returns to the soap opera with some of his better questioning skills. Increase the speed a little.

For added immersion, the series was “recorded in 3D binaural audio” and will premiere on December 2. Each 30-minute episode will feature “all the action, suspense, and excitement that the game is known for,” along with “a lot of humor” (a surprising choice for a Splinter Cell-based program). ), intense drama, and other elements.

Since the release of Splinter Cell: The Blacklist in 2013, Ubisoft’s venerable stealth franchise has been rocking again. In addition to Radio Play, Ubisoft is now working on a remake of the first Splinter Cell and recently unveiled concept art for it. To be completely honest, though, I really just want to know if Sam will once again be played by Michael Ironside (or a plausible doppelganger).

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