Just Dance 2023 Edition Mini Review: Some welcome changes to the old script

It turns out that 2023 is a completely different year than 2022, so it makes sense that we have a brand new Just Dance game to review. Yes, it’s time for an annual update to Ubisoft’s enduring franchise. While it might be tempting to copy and paste last year’s review into this one since these games hardly change from version to version other than the playlist, it turns out that some significant changes have been made this time around.

The best news, in our opinion, is that you can now stop receiving notifications and advertisements for the Just Dance+ membership service. Even though you just paid £50 for the game (which, incidentally, isn’t getting a physical release this year — beware of those codes in boxes! ), you were constantly reminded that you had all the content. do not have. on offer. If you remember Just Dance 2022, this was one of the most annoying aspects of that year’s effort. The fact is that Ubisoft has recognized that users probably don’t want to be pressured to spend a lot of money every time for a quick workout or bop.

Moving on, the whole thing has a nice facelift too, with streamlined menus that feel easier to use than previous entries and a revamped graphical style that still looks a little odd though. , no doubt an improvement over the terrible-looking dancers. years in the past.

Plus, a new narrative mode called Enter The DanceVerses gives you a reason to play songs you might otherwise skip by creating a story of dance heroes and villains between tracks that span months. Will continue to spread. This new online mode lets you compete against up to five other players (just move your Joy-Con around and watch out for cheats).

Additionally, Ubisoft felt it necessary to improve the customization possibilities. As you go, a ton of items will become available for you to unlock. You can edit your avatar background, border, badge, emote, and more in your locker room. There are also a ton of goals and checklists that you can cross off as you develop your skills. For 2023, the songs are also conveniently divided into sections so you can add party anthems, workout anthems, or some super chill stuff for a more peaceful play session.

You get a nice selection of tracks—40 in total—upfront, and if you choose to pay for the game’s membership service, you can access a ton more. The full tracklist is available here, and so far, we’re really enjoying Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s fantastic Telephone, as well as Britney Spears Toxic and Justin Timberlake’s sublime Can’t Stop the Feeling. Oh, and BTS is participating this year, so their fans should be happy about that.

All in all, Just Dance 2023 is a respectable outing, a significant improvement over what came before it, and the game’s far less inspiration than what we got in 2022. If you’re not a fan of the series, there’s nothing here that’s really going to sway your perspective as the essential gameplay rules remain the same. However, if you enjoy the series, this is our best time ever.

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