Five Things to Do Following Victory Over Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Post-Game & End Game)


What is left to accomplish, though, once the last opponent has been defeated? That is what we are here to talk about. So let’s talk about 8 things to do now that you’ve defeated Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

You’ll be whisked back to Naranja Academy to talk about the events with the Director and Champion Geeta after you defeat the game’s final boss and the credits have finished rolling. Geeta will want you to assist her in reassessing the strength of the Gym Leaders after the scenario has been conveyed to you.

Things You can challenge each Gym Leader with your newly powered-up teams after completing this task. Teams of five Pokemon with an average level of 65–67 will be assigned to each Gym Leader. The Academy Ace Tournament, the following post-game activity, can be accessed by once more defeating all eight Gym Leaders.

A brand-new post-game activity called the Academy Ace Tournament allows you to compete against trainers that have been given new abilities, like Arven, Nemona, the Elite Four, Champion Geeta, and others. Four bouts total, one trainer per round, will be allocated at random to you.

Things: As all the trainers have Pokemon levels 65–68, players can join the tournament whenever they choose, making it an excellent place to level up Pokemon. You will get a call from Instructor Jacq about 5-6 Star Tera Raids after you win your first tournament.

Before, you could only locate and engage 1-4 Star Tera Raids. However, you may now locate and engage in 5–6 Star Tera Raid encounters after successfully finishing the Academy Ace Tournament for the first time. While level 75 Pokemon are the target of 6 Star Tera Raids, level 65 Pokemon are.

Things: As might be expected, rewards improve with increasing difficulty. You will have a greater chance of obtaining a Herba Mystica, which can be used to make a variety of sandwiches, as well as other special gifts like Rare Candies if you succeed in taking down these higher-tier raids.

A brand-new subspecies called Paradox Pokemon were added to the franchise as past or future iterations of already-existing Pokemon. An illustration would be the picture of Iron Hands, a future Hariyama, and Iron Valiant that is seen above.

Players can now go out to hunt them down before they cause problems in the Paldea region after finishing the tale.

Naturally, catching them all is the last thing to do after the game. There are about 400 Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that may be found and captured by players. When you catch them all, you’ll receive the Shiny Charm, which increases your chances of catching Shiny Pokemon, as well as a diploma from Director Chavell, which recognizes your efforts.

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