As Riot adds new employees, Valorant will be available on consoles.

Valorant, a tactical first-person shooter now available exclusively for PC, is heading to consoles in the future, according to a recent job posting for the developer.

To help “bring console gaming products to market,” Hitmarker has posted a job listing for a senior game designer to collaborate with Riot on the popular tactical first-person shooter Valorant.

This job listing followed last week when a game design manager was needed for the console game Valorant, which focused on console FPS combat. It’s important to note that Riot has yet to discuss a console port, so no release date, platform, or other details have been made public.

The project may be in the early stages of development based on the appearance of currently filled positions.

The company appears to be testing the game on additional platforms as earlier this year a data miner discovered a string of Valorant files linked to PlayStation Network servers. It looks like those looking to play Valorant on devices other than PC may have a number of options in the future.

Riot has previously said that a mobile version of the game is coming.

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