After initial rumors, Microsoft expects GTA 6 to release in 2024.

Even Microsoft expects a 2024 release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Microsoft recently addressed CMA and announced the game’s expected release date.

The UK’s competition authority is called the CMA, or Competition and Markets Authority.
The fact that Microsoft will make popular Activision titles like Call of Duty for its own platforms, including Xbox and Windows, is one of the biggest concerns about the deal.

In the part of the paper that is publicly available, Microsoft makes a point about the variety of alternatives available for console platforms.

Microsoft stated that the “highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is set to debut in 2024” when speaking at Take-Two Interactive.

To show that Activision’s titles aren’t so plentiful in the market as to hurt competition, Business also featured games from publishers and developers including Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony, and Studio Wildcard. are

According to the statement, “Call of Duty does not have the type of market dominance that should exist to make it even remotely possible.” This is because the game players are not unique compared to other well-known brands.

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